DASH-IF Livesim Virtual Machine

On this machine, we run an instance of the DASH-IF Live Source Simulator.

Note. There is a rather high load on this machine, so from Aug. 16 2019 we have started the transition to time-limited sessions. This is done by an initial MPD HTTP Redirect response to a URL which includes a start time parameter. That is then the basis for all future requests and once the start_time is more than one hour, further requests will return a "410 Gone" status code.

For a presentation of the status see Presentation at DASH-IF Meeting in Berlin, May 2019.

There is now only one instance running. It will produce low-latency DASH if the paramters chunkdur and ato are set in the URL. Github repo dash-live-source-simulator.

Some basic links for the 24/7 service are:

where the latter runs in low-latency mode and makes two 1 second chunks from each segment.

For more information, see the Github repo Wiki.